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Welcome to domain names at Domain Group!

We are the prominent service providers of Canadian Domain Names. Our company provides a host of services from domain name registration to launching websites. Our services are all about quality and the appreciation from our clients say it all. Our specialized services, knowledge and expertise of our work distinguish us from our competitors. Working in the domain industry is a niche area and our professionals are skilled experts. Our professional approach towards meeting the client demands and our hardcore business ethic are some of the factors which have been always admired by our esteemed clients. A look at the client testimonials says it all.

While working for the domain name registrations we take utmost care in analyzing the client requirements and meeting it fully so that the client avails maximum satisfaction. Selecting a domain name is of utmost importance as it also signifies the country the specific website belongs to. In Canada, the .CA Domains are common. It reflects that the website belongs to a Canadian organization or is the Canadian counterpart of a multi-national organization. Many times it happens that the company launches its website through commercial point of view and thus it prefers .com domains, which either reflects the global website or the commercial part of it.

Featured Domains

www.clicksell.ca – $249

Great domain for an online business. It is short, easy to remember, and very marketable. Turn your idea into a recognizable brand and gain strong internet exposure.

www.youpick.ca – $349

A short, generic domain that is very easy to remember, and highly brandable. Could be used for many purposes. Google.ca has 18,100 monthly searches for the exact term “You Pick”.

www.eyedoc.ca – SOLD

A first rate keyword domain for a highly searched term, any eye doctor will be able to boost their online presence and organic search engine ranking with this domain.

www.dealsource.ca – $749

Amazing domain name for a deal of the day website, or an aggregate website that combines all the deals. These types of websites gained huge exposure on the internet.

www.autobay.ca – SOLD

A perfect domain suited to an auto dealer, or even an auto classified website. This domain is 7 years old, which makes it more valuable due to better search engine marketing opportunity.

Why Domain Group?

Our specialized services help the companies launch its website specific to the country it belongs to as well as from a commercial point of view and even many times we have the esteemed government organizations approaching us for their web development services. We even specialize in developing the websites for non-profit organizations and banking or financial institutions.

Some of the reasons our clients prefer our services are:

--On time and quick delivery
--Fast processing of the service request
--Complimentary service with three orders
--Home or office visit options for the clients who can’t come to meet us directly
--A lot of our regular customers provide positive feedback and recommend our services

For more details about our services or placing an order you may write to our service delivery manager or also contact us on our 24/7 toll free number. Our service representatives will be happy to take your requests.

We ensure that all of our domains consider the following important factors:

The name is aged, meaning it was first registered over a year ago. The age of a website is one of the most important factors used to rank a website in the search engines. Aged domains are more trusted, and can also increase the amount of money that can be made with minimal advertising costs.

The name is short, memorable, and highly brandable which may be impressive to your customers.Your domain name is the first thing that people see. For example EyeDoc.ca, gives out a far more powerful and professional image than TheBestEyeDoc.ca. An easy to remember and relevant name will bring you more repeat and referral based business.

The name has great keywords for better internet marketing with less efforts and expenditure. A descriptive name helps with search engine placement. It also helps if the domain is relevant to your business, both for SEO and also for customers understanding of what you do.

Our premium domains are not common, and will increase in value over time. A quality premium domain name is a business asset that will gain value as more Individuals and businesses come online. Memorable, Generic and Brandable names are rapidly increasing in value as people realize the need to stand out from their competitors.

We specialize in providing top level .ca Domains. Our Canadian domain names are managed by the Canadian Internet Registration Authority. Meaning people that browse your site will get a safe, secure, and trustworthy internet experience. We have some of the best domains names Canada has to offer.

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